The Toxicology Forum is Financially Healthy

Note from the Treasurer

I am pleased to confirm to all interested parties that during the past three years the fiscal health of The Toxicology Forum has steadily improved and is currently on a firm and sustainable trajectory. All debts have been retired and The Forum now maintains a bank balance sufficient to cover approximately a year of expenses.  Important steps taken during this period included closing of The Forum’s Washington D.C. office and hiring Association Innovation & Management, Inc. (AIM) to take over day-to-day management of its business activities. AIM has extensive experience in efficiently managing other scientific organizations, such as SOT and employs well recognized and audited accounting practices. AIMs support also includes the placement and conduct of The Forum’s semiannual scientific meetings; its Summer Meeting is now held in the Washington, DC area. Steps also were taken to transition away from a “Corporate Membership” model to a “Sponsorship” model, hold yearly elections for the Board of Directors from the membership, and change the bylaws to facilitate individual membership.  All of these changes have contributed to increased financial efficiency and provides a continuing basis for sustaining financial health while promoting scientific excellence.

Respectfully Submitted,

David H. Bechtel, PhD, DABT

Treasurer, The Toxicology Forum (2014 - 2017)