Submit a Session Proposal

44th Annual Winter Meeting

Submission open to ALL
ALL topics from ALL sectors are welcome and encouraged!

Submission Deadline: July 21, 2019

Meeting Location: Washington, DC

Time: January 27–29, 2020



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Meeting Goals & Session Structure

Meetings of The Toxicology Forum emphasize the opportunities for dialogue and discussion among speakers and attendees to advance the ideas being presented and to build consensus. Sessions should address questions relating to the real world applicability or regulatory impact of their topic. Session proposals should allow adequate time for both a panel discussion (30–40 minutes at the end of each session) and for questions for the presenter (approximately 5–10 minutes per presentation) Proposals should be as complete as possible in order to be competitive.

Sessions are typically categorized into one of three categories based on the time needed. In submitting your session proposal, please indicate the time allotment your session may require.

½ Day Sessions—These sessions are typically allocated between 3 and 3.5 hours of total session time, inclusive of a panel discussion. Flexibility exists depending on the scope and needs of the program. Additionally, a 30 minute break is also added in the middle of the session. The Forum may cover up to two academic/government/non-profit speakers in a ½ day session, although outside support is always encouraged.

¼ Day Sessions—These sessions are allocated 2 hours of total session time, inclusive of a panel discussion. The Forum may cover one academic/government/non-profit speaker in a ¼ day session, although outside support is always encouraged.

Update Sessions—These sessions are allocated a total of 30 minutes, inclusive of time for Q/A with the speaker. These sessions are on topical and discussion-inspiring topics. Speakers are expected to cover the costs of their own participation in the meeting.

David Miller Traveling Scholar Session— Funding for speakers is allocated from this session in order to support speaker participation in this session. A session submitted under this designation should be novel and not covered at other society meetings e.g., SOT, ACT, SRA, etc. The topic may introduce novel science and explore its interplay with toxicology and human/environmental health.

Why Submit a Session Proposal?


  • All scientific programming at meetings of The Toxicology Forum is scheduled without competition so all meeting attendees are able to engage in your session.
  • Your opportunity to present on current and controversial issues in need of feedback.
  • Engage with regulators and a diverse cohort of toxicologists to both inform and grow from sustained dialogue generated by your session.
  • Use the unique results of this session format to help guide your next steps.